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Deviate Fish


Vendor-value 4
Stacksize 20


30% of the catch from open water will be Deviate Fish. There is no clear difference in catch rate between the oases and The Wailing Caverns. School of Deviate Fish reappear quickly, but force the fisherman or woman to continually move between oases. Overall, pool fishing will give the greatest catch, unless you are unmounted, competing against many other people who are fishing pools, or likely to be attacked. The Wailing Caverns are the safest location to fish by those above level 30.

What can Deviate Fish be used for?

- Uncooked:
Gives one of several "buffs": Additional Spirit ((+5 for 30 minutes)) or health (an instant heal or rejuvenation over time), reductions in Stamina and Strength for 2 minutes, 30 seconds of sleep, or random dancing and waving (("Party Time", for 2 minutes)).
- Cooking: Savory Deviate Delight
Gives one of two buffs when eaten: Changing the person eating it into either a pirate (("Yaaarrrr")) or a ninja (("Flip Out")) for an hour.

Elixir of Giant Growth (1 fish).

Where to catch Deviate Fish

Skills required Locations Dropchance
1 75 The Barrens 30%
The Wailing Caverns 30%


The skills required are the skill required before you can fish in the pool and the skill needed to avoid "Get aways".

Name Skills required Locations
School of Deviate Fish 1
The Barrens

Other information

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