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Essence of Water


Vendor-value 40
Stacksize 10


Can only be fished from Patch of Elemental Water in Azhara. One of the six pool spawning locations, on the north-west side, is outside of the Bay of Storms area, so can be fished at lower skill (205 to cast, 300 to stop get-aways).

What can Essence of Water be used for?

Transmute to Essence of Air and Essence of Undeath.

Other Professions:
Extensively used in Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring and Enchanting, for pre-Burning Crusade high-end items - particularly frost-related gear.


The skills required are the skill required before you can fish in the pool and the skill needed to avoid "Get aways".

Name Skills required Locations
Patch of Elemental Water 330
Azshara (Bay of Storms, Hetaera's Clutch and Scalebeard's Cave)

Other information

  • Essence of Water on