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Lightning Eel


Vendor-value 10
Stacksize 20
Best time to catch 12:00-18:00

What can Lightning Eel be used for?

Quest: "Craftsman's Writ - Lightning Eel" for the Argent Dawn (30 fish). "These make the best eel rolls in the world," says Packmaster Stonebruiser. The Argent Dawn are a strange bunch.

Cooking: Stormchops
(charges you with energy, causing lightning to occasionally zap nearby enemies for the next 30 min, requires level 55). The recipe is very rarely contained within the reward for Rokk's daily cooking quests. These quests start on the northern side of Shattrath. You may need to complete many quests before gaining this recipe.

Where to catch Lightning Eel

Skills required Locations Dropchance
205 300 Azshara 10%
Felwood 10%
Feralas 10%
Maraudon 10%
Moonglade 10%
Sunken Temple 10%
The Hinterlands 10%
Un'Goro Crater 10%
Western Plaguelands 10%
330 425 Deadwind Pass 4%
Burning Steppes 20%
Eastern Plaguelands 20%
Feralas (Jademir Lake) 20%
Scholomance 20%
Silithus 20%
Stratholme 20%
Winterspring 20%
Zul'Gurub 20%

Other information

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