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Oily Blackmouth


Vendor-value 4
Stacksize 20


Up to 25% of the catch from open water can be Oily Blackmouth. Mid-skill areas, such as the Wetlands, seem to be best for open water fishing of Oily Blackmouth. Overall, pool fishing is normally more efficient. The lowest skill areas (The Barrens, Darkshore, Silverpine Forest, and Westfall) contain only Oily Blackmouth Schools and Floating Wreckage Pools, so the chance of finding an Oily Blackmouth in these areas should be higher. However, in higher-skilled areas, where Stonescale Eel Swarms are also found, Oily Blackmouth pools tend to be ignored - so you should find plenty there too.

What can Oily Blackmouth be used for?

Alchemy: Blackmouth Oil (2 fish per oil).
Blackmouth Oil is used in several low-level potions that have no higher-level equivalent, such as Elixir of Water Breathing.

Where to catch Oily Blackmouth

Skills required Locations Dropchance
1 75 Darkshore 10%
Silverpine Forest 15%
The Barrens 15%
Westfall 15%
55 150 Ashenvale 25%
Hillsbrad Foothills 25%
Wetlands 25%
130 225 Arathi Highlands 12%
Desolace 12%
Dustwallow Marsh 12%
Stranglethorn Vale 12%
205 300 Azshara 10%
Felwood 10%
Feralas 10%
Maraudon 10%
Moonglade 10%
Sunken Temple 10%
The Hinterlands 10%
Un'Goro Crater 10%
Western Plaguelands 10%


The skills required are the skill required before you can fish in the pool and the skill needed to avoid "Get aways".

Name Skills required Locations
Lesser Oily Blackmouth School 1


Silverpine Forest
The Barrens
Oily Blackmouth School 130


Arathi Highlands
Dustwallow Marsh
Stranglethorn Vale

Other information

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