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Raw Nightfin Snapper


Vendor-value 10
Stacksize 20
Best time to catch 00:00-06:00


Cannot be caught between 12:00 and 18:00.

What can Raw Nightfin Snapper be used for?

Cooking: Nightfin Soup
(restores 874 health over 27 sec, restores 8 Mana every 5 seconds for 10 min, requires Level 35).

Where to catch Raw Nightfin Snapper

Skills required Locations Dropchance
205 300 Azshara 25%
Felwood 25%
Feralas 25%
Maraudon 25%
Moonglade 25%
Sunken Temple 25%
The Hinterlands 25%
Un'Goro Crater 25%
Western Plaguelands 25%
330 425 Burning Steppes 25%
Eastern Plaguelands 25%
Feralas (Jademir Lake) 25%
Scholomance 25%
Silithus 25%
Stratholme 25%
Winterspring 25%
Zul'Gurub 25%

Other information

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